Christian Heiler

Going the extra mile in IT consulting...

About Christian

Current Employment:

Expedia Inc. - Expedia Partner Solutions - Partner:Connect

Partner:Connect is a team of consultants, project managers and support specialists with the purpose of helping our partners to improve the booking experience for their customers.

In my role as Head of Optimisation Strategy, I am working globally on improving the connection of Partners to the EPS API, their geographical resolution (search and discoverability) and their content (data) import.

I and my team members interact with engineering department up to a C-level in improving technical and content integration, improving searchability and conversion.

Outside of work:


Working for a travel company comes with some major benefits. Travel becomes easier. There are only a few free weeks during the year, and I spend them usually travelling to one country or the other.


One of my most favourite hobbies is rock climbing and I am travelling to different locations to climb indoor and outdoors.


While working as a technical consultant in my dayjob, sometimes opportunities or ideas come up that either add to this role or are ideas that I am checking if they can be realised:

Markdown WYSIWIG

One of my favourite tools supports Markdown to format text.
As not everyone is comfortable to write markdown I created this tool that allows rich text editing and returns a copy/paste ready version in Markdown.

IRS (image resize service)

Server based image resizing as a service. Part of the objective for this project was to take any image and resize it on any smaller size. If a larger image than the original image, only the original size will be returned.

Java Battleships

As part of my studies at Birkbeck University I worked on a Java based battle ships program

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